Our Story


In Letitia Art Gallery Kayssoun brothers perpetuate the family business founded by their grand grand fathers.

Heirs to the traditions and excellence of their Syrian ancestors methods, with their passion in art and their talent,

They established Letitia art gallery to be the source for Fine Artworks, Modern, Contemporary and Traditional to be the place for fabulous fine Sculpture materials from traditional Bronze and Marbles to metals, woods, clays to eclectic Mixed Media including unique exclusives pieces of art appreciated by collectionneurs...

 We have hundreds of items to choose in a wide variety of styles from abstract works and traditional Museum artists from young emerging talents.

We carry a huge and superb selection of art pieces. We work with a network of International Artists, Sculptors,Foundries, and Art Dealers. Choose from a wide variety of artists and styles, from the hottest auctions all over the world.


Explore the virtually limitless world of ceramic sculpture.

Meet the ceramic artists who bring clay to life in ways you may never have imagined.


From the diminutive to the monumental, the figurative to the abstract, there are endless possibilities for expression in the form of ceramic sculpture.


Browse through our gallery to see images of the sometimes beautiful, sometimes unsettling works of talented ceramic sculptors.

Letitia gallery is rooted in ancient art with a temperament of modernity ...